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Aside from being a journalist, my first love is, was and always will be music. I’ve bought a ton of recording gear over the years to capture my work. One thing I learned in the process is that you can’t settle for cheap music equipment – the higher end gear does have the ability to make or break an album. The issue for most people is that they don’t have fifty bazillion dollars to spend on high end recording gear and they don’t want to go without recording at all. That’s where zZounds is pretty hard to beat. They offer musicians zero interest financing options with no credit check. You don’t have to worry about taking out another card, racking up tons of interest, lowering your score with queries to your credit history or even having good credit at all – you can order the gear you need, have it shipped right to your door and enjoy it while you make easy, affordable payments. Another treat is zZounds consistently awesome and intelligent customer support and service. If you’d like to check out more options, have a look at the extensive list of musical instrument financing options I put together.

Here’s my itemized review of zZounds:

#1 – zZounds has a truly epic selection of multitrack recorders, microphones, mixers, studio signal processors, studio monitors, stereo master player and recorders, recording accessories, studio racks and workstations, books and other digital media on recording and some pretty awesome computers that are built just for audio recording in the studio!

#2 – Right now, zZounds is offering recording artists payment plans with no interest and no credit check.

#3 – zZounds guarantees the best price on everything they sell – if you find a better price (even up to 45 days after you buy your recording gear) they’ll beat it!

#4 – Well over a thousand screaming fans on Bizrate give zZounds a perfect 5 star rating!

#5 – You get free shipping on many orders and most customers don’t even have to pay tax.

Getting financed is easy, go to, look for the “Play as you Pay” icon next to the gear you want, add at least $249.00 in merchandise to your cart and tick the payment plan you want at checkout. Happy shopping!

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