For most of us, selling a used car is trouble enough, but for Australia resident genius David Johns, it provided a unique opportunity to showcase his agency’s advertising ability. With this in mind, he created a remarkably realistic ad for his equally remarkably beat up 1999 Barina.

As the video plays, the screen reads ‘performance redefined – luxury redefined.’ CGI flames erupt from the tires as the car pulls away from the garage. We’re assured that the vehicle has ‘matching seats,’ is ‘very reliable,’ and, from the video, appears to come with not one, or two, but (potentially) three matching hub caps. The car has since met its demise, but was briefly available for a Tweeted offer on Twitter.

Originally announced via Twitter on July 14th 2014, the video to date has attracted over 1.3 million viewers and was followed by a sequel titled “Barinageddon.”

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