In life, it’s the most simple things that bring the greatest joy.  They don’t cost money and they couldn’t be bough with all the money in the world.

You can search under every stone from the highest mountain top to the deepest, darkest reaches of the ocean and find only empty space.  You can gain all the power and wealth in the world and have nothing.

It’s not in a building, it’s not written in a book, it’s not spoken.  The meaning you’ve searched for was and always will be right in front of you.

It’s loving, feeling, being and embracing a fate that leads you into the unknown.  It’s breaking the chains of preconception.  It’s letting go of your fears, your doubts, your canned ideas of everything.  It’s being one with the world you live and breathe in.  It’s realizing life is finite.  It’s assuming responsibility for your actions.  It’s capturing the here and now.  It’s refusing to see anything as boring or ordinary.  It’s doing the right thing because everything in you has become free to want to.  It’s trusting, believing, dreaming, feeling, seeing and relishing every minute of every hour of your day because you exist and you can.

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