IBM’s “Lotus Symphony” is quite possibly the best free office software suite I’ve come across.   While the installation file is fairly large (currently well over 300 mega bytes), the application itself runs surprisingly fast – load times inclusive.  The interface is clean and user friendly.  Oh – did I mention it’s completely free???

While offering close to 100% compatibility with both Microsoft Office and OpenOffice/Libre Office formats.  Like Microsoft office, the software also allows exporting of projects in PDF format.  Projects can be saved, shared or uploaded to the web or saved to your computer.  An intelligent variety of plug-in widgets for further, enhanced functionality are also at the end user’s disposal.

Lotus Symphony offers applications for word documents, presentations, spread-sheets, and even has it’s own integrated web browser.

You can download Lotus Symphony via this link.

Support for the application can be found at this link.

Editors note: IBM has officially abandoned all support for Lotus Symphony, although paid subscriptions to their cloud office suite, the IBM Connections Cloud, are available.  However, we now recommend LibreOffice as our top pick for a free-opensource alternative software to Microsoft Office.

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