Scientists in Taiwan may have just uncovered one of the most beautiful methods of energy conservation ever conceived.

This brilliant concept was envisioned by Dr. Yen-Hsun Wu who sought to find a method of creating light via a non-toxic means (unlike the highly efficient, but toxic phosphor powder used in LED lighting).  The end result, trees, infused with gold nanoparticles that could replace traditional street lights.

To test concept plausibility, gold nanoparticles were implanted in Bacopa caroliniana plants.  After exposure to ultraviolet light (which is also emitted by our sun) the particles reacted with the naturally present chlorophyll and induced a red luminescence in the leaves.

The vision is that some day street lights around the world could be replaced by such an aesthetically pleasing source of light that is both self perpetuating and a natural contributor to the ellimination of co2 emissions.

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