Imagine if you could stack a big, awkward fruit (like a watermelon) neatly in your refrigerator.  Picture the huge amount of space that could be saved in shipping if the wholesome goodness of the watermelon you love could be harnessed into a uniform shape and stacked as neatly as boxes.

Japan has envisioned a way for this dream to become reality and launched a new, enticing line of square melons.  By placing the melon in tempered glass cases it can be grown to exact sizes relative to refrigerator space!

Though a novel idea, the price of these custom dimensioned fruits will have to drop a good bit before they grab the eye of the US public.  At a whopping 10,000 Yen (Roughly 82.00 USD) per square watermelon, it is unlikely that the idea will become a huge fad in the US anytime soon.

However, if you can’t wait for an importer to bring these wonderful conversation pieces to a store near you.  You may consider purchasing a case to create your own!  I was able to find cases currently available on the web (from sites like for under 100.00 USD.


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