Canon FD-Mount, also known as the FD lens mount, is a legacy lens mount system introduced by Canon in 1971. It served as the standard lens mount for Canon's 35mm SLR cameras until the introduction of the EOS system in 1987. The FD-Mount system offered photographers a wide range of lenses for various photographic applications.


The Canon FD-Mount was introduced in 1971 with the launch of the Canon F-1 camera. It replaced the previous FL lens mount and featured significant advancements, including full aperture metering and improved lens-to-camera communication. The FD-Mount quickly became popular among professional photographers for its versatility and optical quality.


  • Full Aperture Metering: One of the key features of the FD-Mount system was its ability to provide full aperture metering, allowing photographers to accurately measure light through the lens at the widest aperture setting.

  • Interchangeable Lenses: The FD-Mount system offered a wide range of interchangeable lenses, including standard, wide-angle, telephoto, and zoom lenses, providing photographers with options to suit various shooting scenarios.

  • Solid Build Quality: Canon FD lenses were known for their robust construction and optical quality, making them highly sought after by photographers seeking reliability and performance.


The Canon FD-Mount was compatible with a wide range of Canon SLR cameras, including popular models such as the Canon F-1, Canon A-1, Canon AE-1, and Canon T90. Additionally, third-party lens manufacturers also produced lenses for the FD-Mount system, further expanding its compatibility and versatility.


Although the Canon FD-Mount has been largely superseded by the EOS system, it remains a popular choice among photographers and collectors for its historical significance and optical quality. Many photographers still use FD-Mount lenses with modern digital cameras through the use of adapters, demonstrating the enduring legacy of this iconic lens mount system.


The Canon FD-Mount revolutionized the world of 35mm SLR photography with its innovative features, optical quality, and versatility. While it has been succeeded by newer technologies, its legacy lives on in the hearts of photographers and collectors worldwide.

Canon FD-Mount Specifications

Feature Details
Year of Introduction 1971
Compatibility Canon FD series cameras and compatible lenses
Mount Type Bayonet mount
Lens Mount Diameter 42mm
Focal Flange Distance 42mm
Aperture Control Mechanical aperture control
Lens Compatibility Extensive range of FD-Mount lenses
Autofocus Capability Manual focus
Metering System Through-the-lens (TTL) metering
Exposure Control Manual exposure control
Lens Communication Mechanical coupling
Build Quality Precision-engineered construction
Durability Rugged design for long-lasting performance
Status No longer in production

Compatible Sytems

Camera Model Release Date
Canon F-1 1971
Canon FTb 1971
Canon TLb 1974
Canon A-1 1978
Canon AE-1 1976
Canon AT-1 1977
Canon AL-1 1982
Canon T70 1984
Canon T50 1983
Canon AV-1 1979
Canon AE-1 Program 1981
Canon AE-1 Program 1981
Canon T90 1986
Canon T80 1985
Canon New F-1 1981