Mind Blowing Fact #1  It was actually a dentist who invented the electric chair!  In 1881, Dr. Alfred Southwick witnessed a drunk man touching an electrical generator.  As may be expected, the drunk man was electrocuted and died almost immediately.  At this moment, Alfred recognized electricity as an absolutely stellar medium to systematically kill loads of people.  Alfred then set to work altering his dentist’s chair into an instrument of death.  After some hard work and dedication, Alfred had made his vision a reality.  The “electric chair” would eventually be used to horrify and perform mass genocide on inmates in States across America.  Who wouldn’t want this dentist working on their teeth?

Mind Blowing Fact #2  If you farted for 6 years and 9 months and you harnessed the accumulated gas from said farts, you would have the equivalent explosive power of an atomic bomb!

Mind Blowing Fact #3  Dolphins are the only known species (other than humans) to have sexual intercourse solely for pleasure.

Mind Blowing Fact #4 The Bible has been fully translated into Klingon, the alien language used in the Star Trek television series.

Mind Blowing Fact #5  A percent of the water you drink has already been consumed by someone else – often a number of other people.

Swimming Pool Saliva Human

Mind Blowing Fact #6  The average human will produce enough saliva to fill the a swimming pool during the course of a lifetime (about 15,655 liters)!

Americans injured sex positions

Mind Blowing Fact #7  Every year, 11,000 US citizens are injured as a result of trying new sexual techniques and positions in the bedroom!

Mind Blowing Fact #8  The lion filmed in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo killed its trainer just a day after it was filmed.

Mind Blowing Fact #9  Adolph Hitler was chosen to be Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1938.  Joseph Stalin was chosen as “Man of the Year” in 1943.

Mind Blowing Fact #10  Barbie’s real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Mind Blowing Fact #11  Brad Pitt’s first job was to attract customers to a restaurant called El Polo Loco by dressing in a giant chicken costume and dancing and strutting around!

Mind Blowing Fact #12  Men and women are genetically more similar to chimpanzees than they are to each other.

Mind Blowing Fact #13  Many cigarette companies add Urea, a chemical found in urine to enhance flavor.

Mind Blowing Fact #14  More people die from donkey related accidents each year than from airline related accidents. 

Mind Blowing Fact #15  The largest muscle in the body is the tongue.

Mind Blowing Fact #16  A snail can sleep for three years straight!

Mind Blowing Fact #17  Colgate faced a massive obstacle marketing to a Spanish speaking client demographic because “Colgate” in Spanish translates into the command “Go hang yourself!”

Mind Blowing Fact #18  The first web cam was invented by students of the University of Cambridge to allow people to see if the coffee pot was full.

Mind Blowing Fact #19  The combined weight of all the ants on earth is about the same as the weight of every human on earth.

Mind Blowing Fact #20  Pharmaceutical companies created heroin as a “safe alternative” to opium for treating severe cold and flue symptoms.

Mind Blowing Fact #21  The average woman has an orgasm that is four times longer than that of the average man.

Mind Blowing Fact #22  The human head can maintain consciousness for 15 to 20 seconds after decapitation takes place.

Mind Blowing Fact #23  Sears & Roebuck used to sell heroin, opium and cocaine – it was available both in stores and through mail order by catalog!

Mind Blowing Fact #24  Someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 minutes in the United States alone.

Mind Blowing Fact #25  A single bolt of lightening has enough energy to power the average home for two weeks.

Mind Blowing Fact #26  High heels were originally invented for men in the 1600s.

Mind Blowing Fact #27  Vanilla flavoring is sometimes made with a special ingredient derived from beaver urine.

Mind Blowing Fact #27 There is a cloud of alcohol in outer space which is so massive, if it were refined, it would produce a trillion trillion pints of beer!

Mind Blowing Fact #28 The Chinese used to hire a stripper for traditional funerals.

Mind Blowing Fact #29  Your chance of dying on your way to buy a lottery ticket is much greater than your chance at winning the lottery.

Mind Blowing Fact #30  You can suppress your gag reflex by making a fist with your left hand and squeezing your left thumb.

Mind Blowing Fact #31  False teeth are frequently just a tad radioactive.

Mind Blowing Fact #32  People with light colored eyes (i.e. blue, green, gray) have a higher tolerance for alcohol than people with darker eye shades.

Mind Blowing Fact #33  Dr. Jonas Salk, the man who devised a cure for polio, never put a patent on the drug he had created.  He did this to keep the cost more affordable to the general public.  He gave up an estimated 7 billion dollars profit by doing this.

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