PhotoScape is a great, lightweight photo editing software that runs on Microsoft Windows.  With
the Linux Wine application (which allows Linux to run Windows software), this can be easily installed on Ubuntu based Linux distros.

In this case, I’m installing PhotoScape on Luna OS – a minimalist Linux distro built on Ubuntu core.

The first step is to install Wine (if you haven’t already done so).  In order to do this, simply open a terminal window and type or copy paste:

know@yourpc:~$sudo apt-get update
know@yourpc:~$sudo apt-get install wine

Next, you’ll need to install WineTricks.  To do this, simply type or copy paste:

know@yourpc:~$winetricks msi2

Next, install gdiplus:

know@yourpc:~$winetricks gdiplus

Finally, install the Microsoft 2008 Visual C++ Libraries:

know@yourpc:~$winetricks vcrun2008

Now either open the wine configuration from the applications menu or run the following in terminal:


[everest_gallery alias=”how-to-photoscp-on-fedra”]

Finally, download PhotoScape by clicking the big blue button below, install and enjoy!


Download Now!

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