Company in Taiwan Unveils Transparent Smart Phone Prototype

While smartphones have all but eclipsed their primitive predecessors and brought indispensable, technological revolution to our fingertips; aesthetically they tend to look very similar, albeit it’s true the technology in these phones varies greatly.  The overall picture is that most smartphones just don’t stand out from one another and from a distance it seems like nearly everyone is walking around with the same black, boxy smartphone pressed to their ear.

If you’ve ever had that realization or perhaps just watched one of the Iron Man films and lusted after the sleek, transparent glass smartphone used by the character Tony Stark, I think this prototype is really going to excite you.

Polytron Technologies of Taiwan very recently unveiled a transparent smartphone that brings the science fiction dreamed up for Iron Man, starkly into reality.  These clear smart phones are to feature Polyvision based Switchable Glass technology which reportedly will allow the phone to become more opaque when not in use and transparent when engaged.

While the prototype exhibited has some limits to functionality, Polytron plans to have a fully functional transparent smartphone in production this year!