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Ben Sullivan

Maine in Images (Gallery)

With its mountains, pristine coastline, lush forests, rolling meadows, world renowned seafood, and notoriously hospitable culture, it’s no wonder Maine is called “vacationland” and bears the motto “the way life should be.” Explore Maine’s most amazing  places through this beautiful gallery of images....

Ben Sullivan

Colorado in Images (Gallery)

With it’s diverse landscapes, from plains and deserts to mountains and lush forests, Colorado is truly an amazing State to visit in the US. Explore Colorado’s most amazing landscapes through this gallery of images.

Ben Sullivan

Portland Head Light, Maine (Explored)

Getting There Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse (also known as Portland Head Lighthouse) overlooks the Casco Bay from the weather hewn stone cliffs that make up much of the Maine shoreline. This Lighthouse weighs in among the most famous and iconic in the world, yet it’s surprisingly easy to access. As...

Ben Sullivan

Acadia National Park (Explored)

Taking Park Loop Road, you’ll slowly weave your way up Cadillac Mountain through some absolutely gorgeous coastal scenery. There are numerous scenic view areas to stop along the way and take it in. If you visit in the summer months, you’ll likely see a surprising number of cyclists...

Ben Sullivan

Discover Niobrara State Park, Nebraska

Getting There Niobrara State Park is located in the Northeast of Nebraska along the banks of the Missouri and Niobrara River. To get there, you’ll take the Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway (Nebraska Route-12) that runs along the banks of the Missouri River and crosses over the Niobrara.As always,...

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