Ever wished you didn’t have to buy batteries quite so often? Well there may be a new, radioactive solution that could potentially keep your electronics cranking for years.

Researches from the University of Missouri have begun creating a incredibly long lasting battery that would help dispose of radioactive material while simultaneously providing a powerful, inexpensive, and compact source of mobile energy.

Of course, it seems likely that the public could have concerns about purchasing a radioactive battery and snapping it in a device like a pacemaker, mobile phone, or hearing aid, but, the technology seems to hold an almost irresistible allure after a number of potential issues have been put to rest by Jae Kwon, a developer of the project and professor at the University of Missori. Kwon has said “This is not a nuclear reaction. Nothing will explode; there won’t be a mushroom cloud on your property…”

So with all those obvious worries off the playing field, radioactive seems like the only logical way to go. Even considering that the new technology could quite possibly put a certain drum beating bunny out of a job – the longevity and zero risk of a mushroom cloud seem to make this a clear choice for the future of the battery.

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