Musical Instrument Payment Plan Financing No Credit Check
You can get musical instrument payment plans with no credit check, even if you have bad credit. Find out how to finance your gear on easy to make monthly payments.

You CAN Finance Music Gear and Instruments with Bad Credit

Financing the musical instrument you need is easier than you think

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It’s often hard for musicians to afford the professional instruments and recording equipment they need if they have bad credit. Credit is hard to qualify for these days and payment plans without a credit check just don’t seem to be offered by most stores. The good news is, there are still a few places that do offer these. In this article, I’ll go over my top choice getting gear on a musical instrument payment plan and why I think it’s the best out there. If you want to shop around, check out my article on the top 22 ways to get a guitar or other musical instruments on a payment plan.

Monthly Payments Without a Credit Check Can Help You Get the Right Musical Instrument

With music, it’s hard to settle for budget gear because the sound you get out of cheap entry level instruments seems to inevitably echo the price tag. In order to learn an instrument or give shows that people will talk about or want to come back to again, musicians need top quality professional gear. If you’re trying to make a demo to get signed to a label, chances are, recordings you make with cheap mics and poor software just aren’t going to allow anyone to really hear your talent or know how amazing you can sound. If you’re an indie band, it’s just as important to make sure people are buying recordings they’ll love so that they’ll by the next album you put out too. The problem is that bad credit can really hinder your ability to afford the music gear you need.

Being a songwriter and music major and just overall music fanatic, I’ve been in this bind before and did a lot of searching. After a lot of disappointments, I found one company called Zzounds not only offers four month financing with no credit check and no fees, but they also guarantee the absolute lowest price on everything they sell!

The Right Gear at the Lowest Prices, Even if You Have Bad Credit

Zzounds* has a massive selection of music gear to choose from and currently offers a musical instrument payment plan  to just about anyone currently making an order over 59.00 USD. All you need is a credit or debit card to make your musical aspirations possible. While this is a great option for people with bad credit, even if you have awesome credit, this is an option worth considering since you’ll likely save money by not having to pay interest versus charging your next music gear purchase to a credit or store card – it’s really an amazing option for anyone looking to finance music gear.

Their Customers Totally Love Them and You Will Too

I also did some digging and found Zzounds currently has perfect five star rating on Google Shopping, which is pretty rare to see these days to say the least.

So if you want to get that guitar*, drum set,* digital piano* or whatever on zZounds musical instrument payment plan, with no credit check and prices as low as any other major music shop is going to offer, click the big blue button below to check out Zzounds!

PS, if you can find a lower price, I believe they will beat it by 10% if you call them on it!

Happy shopping!

How zZounds Musical Instrument Payment Plans Work (With and Without a Credit Check)

Update, 01/30/2017: zZounds has actually lowered the financing fee on their musical instrument payment plans, added tiers, and made a six payment option available. They’ve also lowered the qualifying spend amount to just $59. This makes their payment plans more competitive than ever! I’m including a chart below with the updated fees for financing in each tier.

Order Total
4 or 6 Payments Processing Fee
Less than $600.00
$600 to $1,000
More than $1,000
Order Total
All Other Payment Plans
Less than $1,000
More than $1,000

Their plans have gotten even better too! Here’s the updated list of available payment options. Please note that only the 4 payment option on $59-$1000 is currently available without a credit check.

Current Musical Instrument Payment Plans Available
4 Payments with no credit check on most products between $59-$1000
6 Payments available on most orders totaling over $249 and up to $3000
8 Payments on orders totaling up to $3000
12 Payments on orders from $3000 to $4000 (see individual product pages for details)
Competitive pricing
Musical instrument selection
Customer service
Musical instrument payment plan options
Payment plan availability without a credit check
Availability for people with bad credit
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Our Take
My personal recommendation is hands down to go with zZounds. Their great customer service, large selection of musical instruments, and lowest price guarantee makes not just a phenomenal choice for people with bad credit, it's a good option to consider even if you have great credit!