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There's been a lot of panic on the internet lately about how Sony's new smartphone, the Xperia XZ Premium, has had Camera2 API spirited away by sinister developers in an outright attempt to ruin their lives and prevent them from shooting RAW. I've got some good news though - not only is the Camera2 API not missing, it's just a few classes away from offering 100% integration with all off the goodness that is Camera2. Read More
Sony’s new Xperia XZ Premium may very well be the most incredible smartphone you’ve never heard of. It might even be the best smartphone you’ve ever owned, should you decide to get one. From price-point and hardware, to some pretty fancy new camera technology and the world’s very first mesmerizingly beautiful 4k HDR smartphone display, Sony delivered  in a big way on this new offering. Read More
With its mountains, pristine coastline, lush forests, rolling meadows, world renowned seafood, and notoriously hospitable culture, it's no wonder Maine is called "vacationland" and bears the motto "the way life should be." Explore Maine's most amazing  places through this beautiful gallery of images. Read More