Linux has been top of the charts in functionality, security and stability for ages.  It has blazed a trail by crowd driven innovations that software giants like Microsoft, Google and Apple have been happy to follow.   It's considered the most secure operating system on earth and is often the first choice of the most brilliant minds in the computer realm.  Google uses Linux exclusively in their work environment and developed Android and Chrome OS from its open source code.  That said, Linux has never been an operating system with a reputation for jaw dropping aesthetics or user friendliness. Read More
Since its vow three years ago to step up the offense against organized cyber crime, Microsoft announced today that it has uncovered a botnet scheme that involved over 2 million machines globally and had been costing Yahoo, Bing and Google around 2.7 million USD every month. Read More
The Romanian province of Transylvania is a place already synonymous with blood.  Transylvanian imagery of the immortal Dracula cheating death by the blood of the living has been horrifying people for centuries.  Romania is rarely associated with technology, yet, it is in this small Eastern European country that such revolutionary advancements as insulin, cybernetics, and jet propulsion were quietly born. Read More
At nearly double the speed of its US rival, "Titan," the $390 million USD "Tianhe-2" is now the fastest and most powerful supercomputer in the world (according to internationally recognized TOP500 ranking).  Housed in Guangzhou, China; the project was initiated by the Chinese government and built using US-designed Intel microchips by a cooperative effort of China's National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) and IT firm, Inspur. Read More