Michigan Judge, Raymond Voet of Ionia County 64A District Court, recently held himself in contempt and fined himself 25.00 USD.  The incident was sparked by the judge's accidental infringement of his own policy which stipulated that people causing interruptions via the use of electronic devices be held in contempt. Read More
After numerous MRI scans of previously diagnosed psychopathic prisoners, researchers led by Professor Jean Decety at University of Chicago have completed a study which has revealed that the psychopathic mind works in a way that is entirely different from that of normal people. Read More
While robots with the capabilities to determine whether or not to take human life are not yet a reality, they are well on the way.  There are also many existent robots which could be easily adapted to make the decision to take human life.  Robots like the Samsung SGR-1 already have the capacity to identify and target individuals that enter a proximity and request permission to engage and kill the target from a designated human controller.  The X-47B combat aircraft already autonomously lands and re-fuels in mid air.  Other robotic weapons like Israel's Iron Dome and the United State's Phalanx CIWS could also be easily adapted to include discernment. Read More
While smartphones have all but eclipsed their primitive predecessors and brought indispensable, technological revolution to our fingertips; aesthetically they tend to look very similar, albeit it's true the technology in these phones varies greatly.  The overall picture is that most smartphones just don't stand out from one another and from a distance it seems like nearly everyone is walking around with the same black, boxy smartphone pressed to their ear. Read More
If you're one of the few people living here in the US with download speeds of up to 50 or maybe even a bit over 100 megabytes per second, you're lucky.  You've probably taken screenshots and posted them to your wall on Facebook for bragging rights.  I'm sorry to say, your infatuation with what you have believed is high speed internet is probably going to end with this article. Read More
Want to get the most out of your searches on Google?  Did you know there are commands you can prefix your search with to highly customize your results?  Try it out - you'll be amazed at how much more accurate your results become when you start learning and integrating these search commands!  With these commands you can do anything from defining the meaning of a word to locating a specific filetype.  Here's a list of Google commands that allow you to control virtually every aspect of your search.  You can use these to harness the full power of Google's search engine. Read More
Houseplants may be doing far more than just providing a pleasant backdrop to your everyday life, in fact, they are likely protecting you from a number of harmful, commonly occurring indoor pollutants (over time) could even kill you.  Research has shown indoor air to be as much as 12 times more polluted than outside air and the 2002 World Health Organization report stated that indoor pollution kills over 1.2 million people per year.  Indoor plants help absorb these harmful pollutants and convert them into fresh, clean, breathable air. Read More